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Innovendo. Creators and innovators in vending.


Vending, self-service and payment solutions

Innovendo develops smart, stylish and user-friendly products in the field of vending, self-service and payment solutions. Our innovative products embed the very latest developments found at the crossroads of internet and technology. We ensure that hardware and software always go hand in hand.



Payment solutions

Our products

We believe in the optimal combination of hardware and software, because it leads to synergy!

In our products different innovations are combined, resulting in a ready-to-market solution that excels in design, functionality and ease of use.

Vending machine

The innovative and compact snack vending machine. At the office. From breakroom to meeting room.

Pay app

The smart payment app operating our vending machines, provides all the information on product assortment, nutritional values and payments.

“Creating and innovating. A passion to be unique and innovative each and every day. Innovendo stands for innovation in vending, self-service machines and payment applications.”



Strive for ultimate ease of use through perpetual innovation.

By using smart, stylish and user-friendly products at the cutting edge of vending, self-service and apps, we endeavor to make life (a little bit) easier for consumers.

Innovendo’s founders have a clear mission: to develop vending and self-service machines that not only look great, but are also innovative; and to develop a cloud based platform and payment app, that can be used to operate any equipment, both Innovendo’s and that of others.

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